Tea Blends

While some teas are sold singularly, a very common methodology of tea production is to blend tea from different regions to make a ‘blend’ similar to the way the liquor Scotch is usually blended, but also available as a ‘single-malt.’ Tea is either a blend, or a single-tea. Popular blends, such as Early Grey, and English Breakfast tea are commonly available, and made from blending numerous teas such as Ceylon and Assam in order to achieve a uniformity and characteristics that are rich, complex, yet fairly consistent. Certain tea sellers are known for particular blends as well, such as Twinings’ ‘Prince of Whales’ and ‘Lady Grey’ blended teas. Some teas achieve their namesake due to the addition of flavorings, such as Earl Grey, which has the oil from the Bergamot fruit (a citrus fruit) which gives the tea it’s characteristic flavor.

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