Chinese Teas

China, as well as being the most likely birthplace of tea, has also acquired, over time, the greatest number of individual tea types. When describing the number of teas produced in Chine, one will hear that they have “ten thousand’ teas. Ten thousand being the number used to describe a countless number by the Chinese. At one point, all the known teas of China were classified by the Imperial Tea Bureau, who managed to keep up with the incredible flow on new teas that arose. The bureau ceased to be in the 1920’s after classifying an incredible number of teas, weathering the storm of dynastic changes and information overload. After being under bureaucratic control for hundreds of years, Chinese teas are now free to be marketed as the producers wish, and with that have become so numerous that we cannot mention all in this FAQ. In the sub menus, we will highlight the more commonly found teas of each of the five (yes, five) types, white, green, oolong, black, and others.

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