Chinese Black Teas

As far as we understand, black tea did not exist in China prior to the Ming Dynasty period. And to this day, it is not a particularly popular type of tea in China (where it is called Hongcha, or Red Tea). It is, and always has been, primarily produced for export. Some of the more commonly found Chinese black teas are:

Keemun (Qiumen)
What makes Keemun uniqu to the tea world is the presence of an oil called myrcenal in the leaf (also found in bay leaves), a product of this particular sub-variety of Camellia Sinensis. This gives Keemun a unique flavor and aroma. Of the Keemun teas two particular varieties stand out, Mao Feng and Hao Ya, which are hand made, incredibly popular in the West, with complexities of flavor found in no other teas.

Yunnan (Dainhong)
Tea from the Yunnan region in china is unique in appearance, and, interestingly, this region produces more black tea than any other province. The teas are made from the Dayeh (broad leafed) type which has fat buds and soft, thick leaves. The tea liquor is assertive and slightly peppery.

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